I'm sitting alone in my little apartment.

All my bags are packed.

I think I'm supposed to be feeling excited.

But the reality is, I'm just feeling a little lonely, a little scared, and completely uncertain about what lies ahead of me for the next couple months. I leave for Nepal today to do research in the Bhutanese refugee camps on the SE border. I've been told it will be "hot as hell" (110-115 degrees) and 100% humid. We'll have power...sometimes. Maybe AC occasionally. We'll almost certainly get sick at some point (or many points), But not to let feeling hot and miserable take away from our energy toward the research.

The truth however, is that there is purpose in this trip. Even beyond the research. There is a reason why God is intending Adam and I to spend almost two months apart during our engagement. There is a reason why God chose this season of my life to take me somewhere unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

There is a beauty in fears and unknowns that require us to fall heavily on God's love and protection.

So friends, I'll try to blog when I can. I'll have some guest bloggers for your reading pleasure. I'll try to respond to any emails that people feel like sending to say hello. And even if I can't respond, please know in advance that they brightened my day.

Namaste everyone!


  1. Elise, I'll be praying for you and this season of unknowns and adventure. I'll also be praying you'll have access to AC more than "occasionally".

    Have fun!

  2. Thanks friend. You are sweet and I appreciate the prayers greatly!


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