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Hello All,

For those of you who don't know me, I am Laura, Elise's older sister. She offered me the honor of guest blogging on this, her last week away in Nepal, and I was thrilled.

I was trying to come up with something clever to blog about, which is a challenge when Elise's blogs are oh so clever and funny, and I finally came up with a topic. I know, however, that Elise will be embarrassed that I, like a past guest blogger, Stephanie, decided to write about Elise!

So, I asked myself what I know about Elise that EVERYONE should know about Elise, and it came to me quickly. Elise is a FAN-TAS-TIC cook/baker and food creator.

Now, some of you know this, because you have benefitted from her amazing risottos, vodka sauces, rum pound cakes, truffle french fries, and the like. For those of you who have not experienced any of these things firsthand from Elise's kitchen, I pity you.

I have, many times, been the benefactor of one of her culinary masterpieces (and experiments)
and am greatly appreciative.

BUT, the thing that you may not know is that Elise is largely responsible for making sure that my first few months of marriage were not marked by culinary disaster. She gave me perhaps the most individualized and thoughtful gift I have EVER received, a handmade cookbook entitled "Made With Love".

The table of contents includes chapters like "Meat Me for Dinner" and "Bread and Breakfast". It consists of a variety of recipes among which are the ones that were frequented in the Jordan household. Recipes from both of my grandmothers are included, as well as those from family friends.

Not only did she provide me with the necessary recipes to ensure dining delight, she also has been on call for the last year so that any time I was staring down a listed ingredient with confusion or fear, she can talk me down from the ledge and get me through the meal. Who knows really where we would be without her. Probably a serious case of the Blue Box Blues...

So, my husband has not starved, I have not burned down the kitchen, and we have eaten well
during year one of marriage.

And I certainly owe it to you Elise!

Now come back from Nepal and make me some food!!!



  1. You pity me, as well you should, Laura! That list of creations from Elise -- "amazing risottos, vodka sauces, rum pound cakes, truffle french fries" was fabulous enough (pardon the hungry little huffs and puffs and saliva drips on this note) but how very delightful that she made you your own family cookbook. I love stuff like that.

  2. I'm coming!! And I'm bringing anniversary cake! Love you sweet sister.


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