I'm slowly re-entering.

I'm sitting here in such a familiar setting--

At my own kitchen table, coffee mug on my left, a warm cup of oatmeal with blueberries on my right, still in my Pjs and just off the phone from my ritual morning chit chat with the sister--

Why, today, does it feel strangely...unfamiliar?

Am I really back?

Can I really just slip seamlessly back into this routine?

It's hard to describe the shock of returning home.
It's also hard to describe the joy and relief of returning home.
Seems that this "hard to describe" thing has been the common theme of my entire time in Nepal.

And i'm not going to try to catch everyone up in one long reflective blog post.
That would be, impossible.

But I promise to share a few notes/thoughts/anecdotes about my time away in the next week or two.

This morning I'm just thankful to be safely home.

When Adam picked me up from the airport Saturday morning at 10AM, he had already gone to the farmers market in Raleigh where he purchased:

Lots of fresh fruit and veggies that he knew I'd be craving: Watermelon, Cantaloupe, PEACHES, Zucchini, and Squash.

And, a fresh bouquet of the most beautiful flowers that he arranged himself. Sunnies included, of course.

How does this man know me so well and know just how to make me feel loved? Coming home takes on a whole new meaning when it's him I'm coming home to.

So this morning I'm just reflecting on how grateful I am to be home. To be safe. To have fresh food in the fridge and clean water in the tap. And to be in a place where I can slowly start to process and unravel the experiences of the past couple months. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers while I've been away!

More to come very soon.

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