Happys and Sads, Home Edition.

I was home (Gig Harbor) for the past 2.5 weeks.

I got home (Durham) yesterday morning.

And, so much happened that I wasn't able to keep up with all of it here on the old blog. So it seems that this just might call for a special home edition of my favorite monthly post.


-Free Groceries.
-Free wine.
-Free cuddles with my kitty.
-Seeing this amazing movie.

-Whiskey run on the golf course with good friends. And that one really good shot I made...
-Dinners on the deck with good friends.
-Cocktails on the deck, followed by dinner at Brix, followed by dessert at home. All with the Prossers. And all at a volume that could have--maybe should have--gotten us kicked out.

-Quality time with Mamma.

-Getting prescription Sunglasses so I can read outside.

-Jamba-ing with brother.
-Anthro-ing with Mamma.
-Running with Dad.
-Dinner with the Jones. (At 10:45 PM.)
-My every-time-I'm-home-we-must dinner date with these two. There are not words for how much I respect and adore them:

-Spending lots of time with my soon to be mother in-law.

-Getting our wedding invitations.
-Assembling our wedding invitations.
-Getting spray adhesive all over everything I own while assembling the wedding invitations.

-Getting my wedding dress, fitted and ready to go.

(Sorry, no photo)
(But it's just lovely)

-Looking through old baby pictures of Adam and me for a wedding project and coming across these gems:

My future husband y'all:

This one was my favorite. I could just squeeze him. Same smile.

Not a lot has changed on this front...

-Peaches. In lemonade, cobbler, and ice cream.
-Harbor Covenant.
-Getting Bridally Showered. Twice.

-Getting to play with this little cutie at one of my showers and secretly wishing he was one of the shower gifts. I'm such a sucker for King Charles Spaniels.

-Two days in Bellingham with the Morgans--M&Ms, big socks, late night chats, Arrested Development, Italian Food, Bookstores, Walks, Hugs, and Goodbyes that came entirely too soon.

-Being told by a sweet nurse that I'm just like Audrey Hepburn.
-Harley riding.


-The blackberries have not arrived yet. This is my first blackberry-less summer.
-Not enough time to see everyone and do everything.
-2.5 more weeks without Adam.
-Cleaning out the room I grew up in of all of my things.
-Doctor, Dentist, and Optometrist appointments.
-Old men that smoke in the bathroom of the chemo infusion center...
-"Summer" weather?

-Not sailing once the whole time I was there. Guess I just can't do it without Adam.
-Not going to the mountains once. Break my heart.

-Saying goodbye.


-Discussions with Emily about fuzzy socks and how they take up an absurd amount of room in your sock drawer.
-When I go on motorcycle rides with my dad I like to make faces in the back of his helmet. Everything looks funny in the back of a round, shiny, motorcycle helmet. Especially when your going real fast and your face is getting windblown.
-Apparently I'm still on West Coast time because it's 1:15 AM here in NC and I'm still awake. And blogging.

But now, I'm going to bed. Night!

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  1. All I can say is that whenever I picture you in my head, its that ice cream eating photo.


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