This morning I am home in Gig Harbor.

And despite the fact that I woke up before 6:00 AM because I'm still on east coast time, I am a bundle of smiles because of all the little joys about being home.

Since arriving yesterday afternoon I've already enjoyed:

Flying in to this view:

Lunch with Mamma while discussing everything we'll do while I'm home.

Finding my wedding shoes before my first wedding dress fitting tomorrow.

Sitting on the deck in our sunglasses and black polka dot one-piece swimsuits, drinking white wine, eating Rainier cherries, and enjoying this view:

A Long morning walk with Mom and one of her dear friends.

Snuggle time with this cutie:

Early morning coffee and chit chat with Dad who is always up before 6 AM anyways.

Running errands with Mamma. Why will this never get old?

The familiarity of a small town where my whole childhood took place.

Anticipating the next couple weeks and the delightful time I get to share with people I love in this beautiful home state of mine.


  1. I feel ya. There is nothing like flying into a place that you know by heart, and in turn, knows you.

  2. Welcome back! We ordered up this weather just for you (and you know it waited til you got here)


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