A Precious Two

As I began to hint at a couple of posts ago, there are many lovely and wonderful things about returning to your hometown.

And here is one more of those things:

All of the subtle reminders that it holds of how God really has prepared a way for you.
Your whole life through.
Time and time again.

One of these subtle reminders came to me tonight in the form of an evening catch up session with a dear friend from Gig Harbor, Linnea.

During my sweet (and much too short) time with Linnea tonight, I was reminded of the fact that God has always provided me with strong Christian women who could teach me how to be, well, a strong Christian woman too.

In high school these people were Linnea and Maya. Then, in college it was women like Ashley West and Amber Porter. Since I've been in Durham there has just been a flood of this type of women in my life.

It's unbelievable really, how each time, before I left one home to move to another, God prepared the hearts of wise, devoted, faithful, honest, beautiful, Christian women to disciple me, and, simply to befriend me.

But back to tonight. And back to Linnea. Linnea was a youth intern at my church when I was in high school and she and Maya led the small group that I was a part of. These were formative years in my faith, and I can still think back and remember discussions, questions, heartaches, frustrations...mission trips, camps, and retreats that I experienced with one or both of these women. I remember just adoring them and being so grateful that they were willing to invest their time into seeing me grow.

These days, the time I get to spend with them is reduced to the routine catch-up date while I'm visiting home, but I still cherish my relationship with them so much. Because, God still uses them to remind me how much he cared about me then, how much he cares about me now, and how impeccable His plans are.


Now, Linnea and Maya are both mothers, times two. And wives. And I feel so blessed by my snippets of time with them, because just as they were Godly young leaders of our small group--they have learned to be Godly wives, and Godly mothers, and I get to witness it. And learn from it. And enjoy it!

Oh, and did I mention that they are also beautiful? Ok, well then, I must:

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  1. ELISE! I am humbled. Wow. What a beautiful and sweet post. Thank you for that. I will never forget the day you were first pointed out to me in 2003. I'll spare you the details on your blog, but it was from Maya and JH Ranch. Thank for the strong woman you are. You are an inspiration to me. I was thinking the other night while you were over. " I wish I was more like Elise. " Love you girl. So glad we could meet up.


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