That Dress

What is it about that dress?

It's another outfit.
Another hanger in the closet.
An external adornment, like so many that you already have.

But, it's white.
And so lovely.
And it's perfect.
Because before you put it on it's just a dress.
And you are just your Daddy's little girl.
But once you slip it on over your head, you become a bride.

And not just any bride.
You become his bride.

And when you look in the mirror you see the woman that will stand by him.
Love him.
Serve him.
Cherish him.
Trust him.
Respect him.
Be with him.
Be one with him.

And there is hardly a greater anticipation in the world.

Today I had my first wedding dress fitting. And, while I know that a dress is a dress is a dress...

This dress, it just does something to me.
And it makes me feel beautiful and pure and delicate and set apart. Desired.

God talks about clothing us in white.
Removing the stains of our sinfulness.
Seeing us as his bride.
Pure and holy in his sight.

Despite our infinite imperfections he allows us to stand before him.
Entirely perfect through His eyes of Grace and Mercy.

Dressed in white.

And once again, it no longer seems like just a white dress, does it?

It's that divine ornament that proclaims that you are beautiful, pure, delicate, set apart, and desired.

Desired much.

Very much.

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  1. I love reading your blog! Loved this one especially!


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