Last time I was packing for Italy, Adam was with me and we were gearing up to say goodbye for 15+ months.

It was so exciting. My dream of living in Italy was about to come true.
But it was also bittersweet. Because I was leaving Adam. And he was about to move to New Zealand.

My, haven't times changed...

Today we are frantically cleaning the house, buying last minute things that we need for wedding week and for the honeymoon, checking things like

warm socks,
wedding rings,
camera battery chargers,
table numbers,
corner rounder,

off our lists. I'm sure we'll forget something! We leave in the morning for Virginia.

I just started packing all my cutest sweaters and boots into the same red suitcase that travelled to Italia with me last time. But now, Adam's brand new, dark teal, suitcase is sitting next to mine. And, He's coming too.

This time, we aren't about to say goodbye. Instead, we are about to get married. And go to sweet, sweet Italy. Together. As husband. And wife.


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  1. so excited for you and your wedding and your trip to italy with your HUSBAND.

    so great.


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