Adam and I have started going to Saturday night church.

For a couple of reasons:
1. Our pastor tells us all the time that we should so that we have more room for visitors in the Sunday morning services.
2. Most of of friends from church have switched to Saturday night.
3. It gives us a day of the week that we can sleep in, rest, and do fun random things like have picnics for breakfast.

Like this morning for instance. We both slept in until we felt perfectly well rested. Then, I decided that I would make us breakfast at Adam's (almost our) house, and that because the kitchen table is strewn with wedding project delights, we'd eat on the floor. Which we just got a rug for (Home Goods, you are our friend).

Wait, something's missing...

Ah yes, of course. The (non Elise-friendly) muffins. See GF cereal to right. Doesn't seem fair when you see the two side-by-side now does it?
Careful now...

"You didn't think l'd make it without dropping something did you..."

This is what it did to Ad. Note: 6 big muffins and 5 mini muffins later...
Not to mention the heavily depleted stick of butter.

As it turns out we also got to use a lot of our new wedding gifts for the breakfast, which was an unexpected treat! (See video below)

I think this church on Saturday night thing is really giving Adam and I a whole new sense of Sabbath. And so far, I like.

And, if anyone every wants to have a Sunday picnic...come find the Nelsons!

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  1. Adorable. Absolutely adorable. And woo hoo for becoming 4:15'ers. It's a good place to be. :)


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