I'm feeling a little bit apologetic this Monday morning, so I thought I'd just get a few things off my chest:

1. To anyone who sat at table 3, 13, or 23 at my wedding: I found all of the little wooden 3s in our cabinet when I got back to Durham. I'm sorry that you had no table numbers. It didn't reflect how much we love you.

2. To my wedding coordinator Katie: I'm sorry for stressing you out by forgetting all of the 3s.

3. To anyone who has sent us a wedding gift and not received a Thank You yet: We're sorry and we're working on them! But just know, WE'RE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR GENEROSITY. Truly, overwhelmed.

4. To my mom's friends Sheri and Lynne and my friend Lauren: All of your thank yous from my showers came back to me. I don't know why. But please know I sent them and I love you!

5. To UNC: I'm sorry for the feelings of joyfulness that pervaded my soul when you lost to UNLV on Saturday despite being ranked no. 1.

6. To my Christmas tree: I'm sorry for the pitiful job I did of putting your lights on. As soon as I have some time to run back to Target I'll make you prettier. Promise.

7. To my body: I'm sorry that I haven't run in a month and you are feeling yucky, full of Italian food, gelato, and Thanksgiving, and completely dreading that first run back. (Later today?)

8. To my house: I'm sorry that you look like people have been packing and unpacking continuously, you have wedding gifts that we don't know where to put yet all over the place, and now we are adding to the chaos by placing a needle-shedding tree in the center of your family room.

9. To anyone who left me a voicemail between November 16th, and November 25th when I finally got around to listening to them. There were 11 of you...I'll call each of you back very soon.

10. To God: I'm sorry for lying and saying I was sorry for #5, when I'm obvisouly not.

Nothing like starting out Monday with a clean slate. Ahh.

Happy Monday Friendlies!! I hope that your Thanksgivings were delightful and that your bellies are still full.

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