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Today marks Adam's and my first month of being married. I'm not sure the 29th of any month will ever pass without me remembering standing across from him at that alter.

I feel like I know very little about this crazy little thing called marriage, but here are a few comments on my experience with it so far:

-Living together is the best. It just is.

-It took me about two seconds to get used to being with Adam around the clock. Now, I actually miss him when he is gone all day. And, because I work mostly from home, I think it makes it worse. It may be mild separation anxiety. And it makes me feel pathetic.

-My dad has always made my mom coffee in the morning when she's still in bed. Adam does this for me. It makes me feel very married. And taken care of. And caffeinated.

-We enjoy discovering one another's little quirks that you only notice when you live together. Adam talks in his sleep and steals the covers. I (apparently) flare my nose occasionally when I'm sleeping, forget to unplug my hair appliances, and I can't sleep unless the bedroom door, bathroom door, and closet door are all shut. May these quirks always remain small and not annoying.

-It's funny to stay in the same room together at Grandmom's for the first time...

-Getting your name changed might be emotionally hard for some. But it's also just hard. So many offices. So many papers. And so many people to contact and inform. But, I am officially no longer Elise Leighann. I am now Elise Jordan Nelson. I even passed the NC driver's license test. Mamma says I'm bonafide...

-We have established our "places" at the table. We always sit in our place. Except when the table is so full of work and thank-yous that we eat on the floor in our family room. We don't really have our floor "places" yet. It's only been a month.

-I've wanted a dog since the 2nd grade. But, now that I'm married I feel like getting a dog means we're heading toward wanting children. We. Are. Not. I just really want a dog. And I hope we get one soon(ish).

-We're holding our breath for our wedding photos and wedding video to be finished. We fully anticipate losing an entire day of productivity when we receive them.

-Having a partner in everything is comforting in the most inexplicable way.

-Being married is a daily reminder that our ability to love is a gift. A very precious gift. Adam said it brilliantly in his vows when he said, "My vow, and my life's prayer, is for our marriage to live in the truth that our freedom to love has been purchased by Jesus Christ...and in no way did we ourselves earn this divine privilege." Talk about something to be thankful for--the gift of being capable of loving.

-I will always remain convinced that the best way to love each other better is to each abide daily with God. Adam and I both ended our vows with, "Adam/Elise, as your husband/wife, may I always remain your second love, so that God may always remain your first." Even after only a month, I'm willing to say that this is key. And it's hard.

So on this 29th I can conclude with the fact that:

I love marriage.
I love my husband.
And I love this sneak peak photo from Eric Kelley Photography.

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