Our First Fight

No, not Adam and me.

We're totally still in honeymoon phase...

I'm talking about another important relationship in my life:

Me, and

I don't even know if I can say its name right now...

Whole Foods.

I love WF. And it knows that. It catered our wedding, caters regularly to my gelato addiction, served me coffee in the mornings when I lived in Raleigh and had to commute, and, has been the provider of many-a-delicious gluten free pizza.

Just yesterday I was talking with a girlfriend about the food at our wedding. Walking through each dish, each appetizer, and, my oh my, that gelato...we were hungry just thinking about it.

But, today I went to grab a few things I couldn't find at Kroger for a dinner party tonight and when they rung me up I was on the verge of a screaming, weeping, pull-my-hair-and-tear-my-clothes kind of melt down.

Throw in some gnashing of teeth too and it wouldn't be an exaggeration.

I know their food is good quality. I know that it looks pretty, tastes delicious, and supports local farmers. I know that animals are treated better, raised more healthily, and sold fresher. These are all things I believe in strongly. But, holy moly folks. Do they really have to charge THAT much for it?


I'm sure we'll make up.

Next time I'm in need of an evening gelato run.
An early morning coffee.
Or, heaven forbid, some hard cider and GF pizza.

But today, today we are in a fight. A big fight.

And I'm not saying sorry first.


  1. Don't give in. Just go to Trader Joe's. I NEVER fight with Joe

  2. It's Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UFc1pr2yUU


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