The Soundtrack.

I have had several people tell me how much they loved the music at our wedding.

Ahhhh, those words are music to my ears because music is one of Adam's and my major love languages/life obsessions. In fact [major side note] one of my favorite memories ever was years and years ago when my sister, Adam, and I laid on our kitchen floor for about 2 hours just listening to the best songs we could play for each other. Susan Tedeschi "Angel From Montgomery." Anyone? That was definitely on the playlist that day. [End side note].

So first, I have to give a HUGE shout out to the Portico Band who learned and performed all of the music for our ceremony, led by the rock star John Boggs himself. God has blessed these folks with musical talent and precious hearts of worship.

Secondly, I want to share again the music we chose. Each song was chosen for a very specific reason, but mostly they were all chosen for one over-arching reason: They really tell the story of God's love and point to the one whom our wedding day was actually about.

"Your Love is Strong", by Jon Foreman. [Seating of Mothers, Lighting of Candles, Grooms Entrance]
"How He Loves", by David Crowder Band. [Bridesmaids' and Bride's Entrance]
"How Great Thou Art" [Congregational Hymn]
"How Deep The Father's Love" [Congregational Hymn]
"Come Thou Fount" [Sung by my sister and John during communion and unity candle]

Oh, and Adam and I danced our first dance to Brooke Fraser of course: "Sailboats."

I had one friend tell me that she went home and made a playlist of the wedding. Highest Compliment Ever.

I hope these songs bless your day today, and any day, and that you can't listen to them without being awed by God's love.

Happy almost Turkey Day Friends. Today, I'm thankful for beautiful music!

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