Bed-Rest Diaries

The week after Christmas,
Usually my favorite.

Full of good sleep and good company.
Leftover goodies,
New gifts to explore.
Shopping the sales.
First trip to the slopes.
Always takes place in Gig Harbor.


This year,
once again,
things are different.

I'm in Durham.
Adam's back at work.
it's been a sick week.

I guess that's what you get when you fly 3,000 miles for 2.5 days.
And sleep 10 hours over 4 nights.

Sick weeks mean:
Pajama wearing.
Sleeping in.
Emergen-C, four times a day.
Trips to rite aid.
Being taken care of.
Lots of snuggle time in bed with my sweet husband, reading, watching Once Upon a Time, trying not to spread the love/sickness.
Lots of water, no coffee.

Despite the obvious icky factor,

This might sound crazy,
but there is something kinda nice about a sick week,

every once in awhile. 

Not the being sick part,
but the little pleasures that being sick allows you.

Anyone else with me on this one?

Here's to health and activeness!

But, in the meantime, I think I'll finish my new book, 
in bed.


  1. elise, i'm sick, too. i completely relate to the little pleasures being sick allows. i've been miserable in my sickness, but love Brian taking care of me & snuggling while we watch movies (i opted for Cars 2). praying for you & hoping you feel better soon.

    i'm ready for coffee to re-enter my life. :)

  2. I, too, have been sick since late Christmas Eve night. But am SO thankful that it came during a week where we have all lived in our pjs. So glad to have been home all Christmas Day just hanging out with my family, eating leftovers, enjoying our time together. Ventured out for the first time in 4 days yesterday only for a few things and then back to pjs again. Lots of reading, resting...before life picks back up again next week. :) I can SO relate. :)

  3. I hope you both feel better soon!!

    Enjoy pajama days while they last though... :)


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