Weddings are full of details.

Any one who has ever been a bride knows this.

Any one who has ever been a:
mother/father of bride/groom
friend/family member of anyone who has ever gotten married,

knows this.

But you know what I found? Details, they can be fun. And really meaningful. And looking back, there were a lot of details from our wedding that I really, really loved.

Here is one of my favorites:

This is my mom on her wedding day--August 14, 1976.

And just so we don't leave Dad out, here is a picture of both my parents on their wedding day.

(No, your eyes are not fooling you. That is a brown velvet bow-tie that is complementing his bell-bottoms and ruffles.)

Well, that totally awesome, totally 70s dress of my mother's has been sitting in a closet in our house for far too long. No, I didn't wear it on the wedding day. In fact, I'm not sure our dresses could have been more different. But, somewhere along the way, I decided to have it hemmed and de-sleeved and wear it to the rehearsal to surprise my Mamma.

My friend Jenn helped me.

Then she put on her mom's dress too for fun.

My favorite part is that when I had my bridal portraits made with Eric Kelley Photography, I got some portraits made in my mom's dress too.

Finally, the day of the rehearsal I got to wear the dress. I felt honored to be wearing the dress that my mom wore when she married my dad 35 years ago.

Oh, and Mamma, she was totally surprised.

I hope you, too, find beauty in the details of your life today. More to come...

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