Kinda Like Mondays

This year I have:

Flown 34,596 miles. (Almost one and a half times around the globe). Gotten married. Tried to learn a new language. Read a lot of books. Celebrated friends' weddings, engagements, babies. Learned to live with a man. Got bangs. Had four bridal showers. Done original research in the third world. Thought about getting a dog. Thought about not getting a dog. Turned 24. Turned my facebook to timeline and couldn't change back. Gone skiing in my very favorite place, Whistler. Learned to make pimento cheese. Hiked in the foothills of the Himalayas. Moved into a yellow house with a white picket fence. Shopped at Anthro too much. Visited friends. Got a NC drivers license. Sent out my first Christmas card. Wrote 100,000 thank you notes...and counting. Changed my name to Elise Jordan Nelson (or "Coach Jordannelson" as Adam now calls me). Began taking vitamins regularly. Joined a new church. And attended my first ever Duke-UNC game, in Cameron.

(In no particular order)


What a year.

I also just lived. A healthy (mostly), active, gluten-free, grain-free (nearly), chaotic, crazy life. 

And now it's about to be 2012. 

I'm in the boat with my friend Marcy, in that I don't care too much about New Years. I think it's always a little anti-climactic. After all, the next day just comes, and you are still the same person living the same life. 

But, kinda like Mondays, I do like the idea of the start to something a little bit new,

and markers that we can look back to, and forward to, to remember and count our blessings by. 

Maybe I'll come up with some goals in the next day or two that I will try to use to define this next marker,

(I'm thinking about giving up red meat.)

But, maybe I won't. 

Either way, Happiest of New Years to you all. And if nothing else, here is to another year of writing on this random little space of mine. 2012 resolution: Keep blogging!

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  1. Elise-
    Please keep blogging, I love reading yours!
    They are awesome.
    At least come and meet mine!
    I miss you a lot, hope you're doing well!


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