It's the week of Christmas. 

(Christ-mas is all around us...and so the feeling grows..., BAH!)

How on earth did this happen?

Christmas is going to be different this year for a host of reasons:

-We're married. So there's that...

-We are in Durham for (most of) the Christmas season.
-Christmas shopping is now done as a unit.
-We will be splitting up our 2.5 days at home between 3 families (hence, the title).

-We watched Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time ever.
-We actually own Love Actually now, the movie we love to watch together this time of year. 

-We will wake up on Christmas morning, together. 
-(Then we'll wake up the next day at 3 AM to fly back to Durham...but, still together.)

Here's to first married Christmases!! Anyone?

Today: Two of my best friends come into town and they are staying until Wednesday!

Thursday: We are going to the first of the 4 Christmas weekend services at our church in Durham. If you live in Raleigh/Durham, here is my official invite: Come to one of the 4 services at Summit this Christmas. Times are listed below on these sweet inviter cards. They're all the same though...so just pick one.

Friday Morning: We leave Durham at 5:45 AM to fly to Seattle, where we'll be picked up and escorted to Gig Harbor for sibling Christmas photos with this talented lady. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!!

Friday Evening: We help host the xth annual (I've totally lost count) Jordan Family Christmas party--this is inevitably the favorite event of the season for us. 

Friday-Saturday Wee hours: We're hanging out with our "group" from high school. Some of our favorite friends in the world... 

Saturday morning: Christmas Eve brunch with the Guilds (Adam's Mom's family)! So excited for this. 

Saturday afternoon: Visit to the Nelson household to see Adam's Dad's family. Here, we'll get to visit with 3 of Adam's 6 sisters! Can't wait.

Saturday evening: Christmas Eve service at Harbor Covenant back in Gig Harbor with the Jordans/Agabas.

Sunday morning: CHRISTMAS!! Eating, Church at HCC, Eating, Presents, Eating, Games...Crashing. All with our best friends, the Prossers of course!

See what I mean...WHIRLWIND.

But, as is usually the case, the chaos will be beautiful. 

And, one of my favorite parts is that (because I married into one of my best friends' family...) more of these events than not are going to be spent with this wonderful couple who we adore:

How are your holiday plans shaping up?

I don't know if they are as crazy as ours. Some of yours, probably will be.

But, like I mentioned a couple posts ago, I hope and pray that no matter how chaotic and whirlwindy this season is for you and yours...

Or me and mine, 

that we'll all make a priority of finding time to just, 

Be still and remember. 
Be still and adore Jesus. 
Be still, and be moved by the love God showed to us at Christmas.

Have a very merry week my friends.


  1. God Bless Whirlwinds ! Hurry home !

  2. We are having the opposite of a whirlwind Christmas- It will be John, and me, and Chaco, on the boat. We might be at the dock if it's stormy, or anchored if it's not. We might watch a movie or play a game or read a book. We will probably take a nap (or 3). We will definitely eat. Lots. Enjoy the WA Whirlwind! merry Christmas :-)


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