And to Forever

Our love, 
is a story.
A love story.
Not a simple one.
But one.

It took years to build.
For awhile we just walked
and walked
and wondered
and wandered
and walked

Sometimes toward each other
Sometimes in opposite directions
Sometimes on opposite continents.
Occasionally, holding hands. But rarely.

And then one day,
we saw it, 
a sweet path.
And we knew it was ours.
And we knew it was time to take a stroll,
together, holding hands. 
From then, and to forever.

Our love
is new, and yet very old.
It's new, and yet it's eternal.
It's old, and yet we still know so little.
It's old, but in ways it will always, 
be new.
Each day.
If we decide.

Our love
is silly. 
behind the silly giggles,
and belly stitches
there is something serious.
A serious yearning to:

make each other laugh
lighten each other's load
smile through the struggles
keep each other young and youthful
be companions, always. 
From now, and to forever.

Our love 
is simply, comfortable.
Broken in.*
It's the relief you feel 
when you can crumble into a ball 
in a warm cozy chair 
and just stay. 
And just rest.
And just be.

Our love 
is a challenge.
A challenge to strip off our nature,
And to put on God's.
And to wear it daily.
And to carry our cross.
And to follow Him, with one stride.

"Our love 
is healing. 
It makes the bitter, 
Warms the Winter to Spring again,
secures the cold's defeat."**

Our love
is unique, to us.
It's ours.
No one else can have it.
And we can't have anyone else's.
And it fits us, perfectly,
even when it's feeling stretched.
It allows us, 
to be us.
If we let it.

Our love 
is a story.
A love story.
And, it's been written.
And, it's being written.

And the moral of our story is this:

Our love 

first loved us.

*Lyrics from John Mayer, Comfortable.
**Lyrics from Brooke Fraser Sailboats.

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