Random updates on life as of late:

-My mother has been staying with us all week. This is great fun. And feels most grown up.

-We ordered a beauty of a bed when we got married. It was a wedding gift. Well, when it came, the headboard was so big it would not fit up our staircase. Currently, we have our headboard behind our couch. It looks ridiculous, but strangely, very cozy.

-I have been babysitting my friend's herbs. This is quite a task in the middle of winter when there is no warmth, less sunshine, and when you have to go out of town twice during the babysitting period. The Rosemary is doing great...everything else, is kinda a goner.

-I ordered a pair of Frye Boots last night. I have been wanting western style boots for 6 years and have always gotten by borrowing friends/roommates. Now, I live with a boy and so by-golly I'm having a pair. They were a Christmas gift from my parents. :)

-Tuesday we were running and talking and I said something like, "Oh my word, if I were a kid I would totally do that." To which Adam responded, "Elise, you are a kid and you would totally do that." For some reason this made me smile.

-We just got this new mouthwash that is just the best. It is alcohol free but still has that fierceness that makes your breath feel strong and mighty afterward.

-I started class today, and after taking a research semester with no class, I was excited to be back at a desk, glasses on, ready to take notes.

-I am TA-ing another class, this time of undergraduates, and it starts tomorrow. I keep wondering if my little brother's friends will be in my class. I think that would be funny.

-Tonight Duke plays UVA. Ad and I are going. We are both rooting for a good game with a Duke victory. No reservations.

-Yesterday my elbow popped really loud when we were in bed and Adam asked, "Did you just belch???"

-We've been married only 2.5 months and already had a legitimate pregnancy scare. Lord knows we are on the 3-5 years before a baby plan, and that would be one surprise that we would not appreciate at this moment.

-Lately we've been making baked potatoes and salad a lot. It's becoming one of our go-to meals. It sounds boring, but I get very excited every time we decide to have it. 

-Not eating chocolate was going fine until there were chocolate covered raisins out at small group Tuesday night. Adam had to tie my hands behind my back. Not literally. But I resisted.

-I'm loving my Bible reading plan and have discovered in the past week that several of my closest friends are also doing a reading plan. This is a great encouragement and makes me feel very united in purpose with my best friends.

-I still haven't decided on a bridesmaids's dress for Corrine's wedding. Lots of people sent me awesome options after this post and now I'm having trouble deciding. Adam's sister Kim even created me an entire Pinterest Board. Check it out. She sure is sweet. And I LOVE the Kate Middleton one...wonder what the price tag is on that.

-I'm really into smoothies right now. With spinach, fruit, and water. Yummmm. 

-I seriously need to get back to working on my thesis. It is required for graduation.

I hope you are all enjoying this fine Thursday and excited for the weekend! 
Got any fun plans?

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