Details, Part 2


Ok, just had to put that out there.

Earlier, I mentioned that there were a few details from our wedding that I especially loved.

They took our wedding and really made it our wedding. All weddings should have some of these. Me thinks.

The first one I shared was about my mom's dress, click here if you've forgotten already. It's ok.

Here are a few others that I love:

1. My grandmother's fur stole. My mom asked me if I wanted to wear this. I thought, hey, it can be my something old. Oh, and its gorgeous. Great idea Mom! But the thing that made it especially special is that my "GrandBetty" passed away about 6 years ago and wasn't able to see any of her grandchildren get married. It was great to carry something that was so special to her around with me all day. Plus, it was FREEZING. It ended up being perfect and entirely necessary.

2. Ok, number two is one of those things that probably made my wedding planner go, "Really? Well, ok." But, Ad and I really wanted to sit in rocking chairs. It symbolized the commitment to be together till we are old folks in rockers. I just made that up. It was just because we thought it would be fun and we love rocking chairs. They were fun, and we loved them very much.

3. My husband loves pie. I mean loooooooves it. So, we opted for homemade pie and Whole Foods gelato in lieu of cake. Almost all of the pies were homemade by our dear friends. And from what I heard, they were awesome. WF made a miniature Elise-safe pie for us to cut. Yum, apple. Everyone said this was one of their favorite things at the wedding.

Yes, our rings are IN that gelato. 

4. And can we give it up for the fact that Whole Foods catered? This detail screamed Adam and Elise. We love food. We love Whole Foods. We loved the food at our wedding. And, we both ate. Which was a perk.

5. Our sweet ride. Enough said.

More favorite details to come. 

What were some of your favorite details from your wedding? 

A wedding you've been to?

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  1. Just now looking at these and I love them.

    Our wedding was fitted into the middle of the (2 hour long which was typical) Sunday service at our church. Then about 2 hours later, we all reconvened in David's folks' backyard for a party -- everyone else changed clothes and we kept our wedding finery on to enjoy longer. Beautiful sunny clear cool October day. 300 pounds of shrimp, headed and boiled and chilled by my new family. Loads of fun. I'm glad you have your favorite memories -- mine are still delightful almost 30 years later.


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