From Basketball to Boots

One of the blogs that I often stumble upon, and very much enjoy is From My Grey Desk. I mentioned it, along with many others, in this post. She always does "High Five for Friday" posts on Fridays and invites others to link up with her. It's a place to share your five-faves from the week. Love it! Here goes!

1. Going with Adam to see my Alma Mater play Duke, my current academic institution...and the team that I bleed for. It was an aggressive, defensive, close game, with a Duke W. Just what I called for!

2. This green smoothie and variations of it that I have been making like crazy. It's so good and so easy!

3. These lunch size hummus packs from Costco. For the couple who packs their lunch every day.

4. Buying tickets to go skiing at this beautiful favorite-place-of-mine over Spring Break. With my sweet husband, parents, and brother.

5. And last but not least, ordering my dream boots. They are scheduled to arrive Monday!

TGIF my friends. Here's to a productive Friday followed by a fun, relaxing, second weekend of the year. Lots of Love.


  1. thanks for linking up! especially love #1! my BIL turned me into a huge duke fan...we were actually just at the game last fun!

  2. I loved linking up. Might just do it again! Hope you had fun at the game...what a great one to go to!


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