God Says

As a young girl I can remember wondering that same thing that all young girls inevitably wonder:

Am I beautiful?
Am I even pretty?
Who says?

I used to sit in front of my mirror brushing my hair. It wasn't curly. But it wasn't straight. It was that in-between, frumpy, kind of texture. And I always wished otherwise.

I used to watch older girls who I thought were beautiful and wonder what they did to grow up to be so great. And so cool. And so popular. And so beloved. I should be embarrassed to admit to this, but I'm pretty sure every little girl-mind went there, wondered some of these same thoughts.

And now, every time I see a young girl, or group of girls, so many questions start running through my mind. I just wonder where they will decide to find their identity in their most formative years. Who will they listen to? What will they believe? And what will the consequences be? And I feel burdened about it. Every time. 

It's always by the grace of God alone, when a young girl can ask these questions, and slowly by slowly, as she grows up, learn the truest and best answer to them:

You are beautiful.
You are pretty.
God says.

And He created you.
So He knows.
He knitted you together,
He formed you,
And He didn't mess up one single step.

And he made your hair frumpy, 
Because that's His favorite on you.
And he made you that height because,
When he leans down and looks you lovingly in the eyes,
That's where he wants you to be.
And speaking of your eyes,
He picked those out too,
Just for you.
To Him they sparkle.

Your legs,
Your butt,
Your hips,
Your lips,
Your smile,
Your frown,
Your teeth,
Your ears,
Your toes,
Your nose,
Your waist,

Your personality,
Your voice,
Your laugh,
Your mind,
Your talents,
Your spirit,

He made them all. He loves them all.
But ultimately, what makes you most beautiful, is when others can look at you,

And see His face.

Because He is the creator of beauty.
And He is the most beautiful of all.
And He knows best of all what beauty is.

Yes, You are beautiful.
Yes, You are pretty.
God Says.

But I'm afraid, not nearly enough girls listen to this voice in their lives.
Not nearly enough girls even hear it.
And too many girls grow up believing otherwise.
And too many girls grow up hearing it, but struggling so much to believe it.

And then they become women, and they still aren't sure.

And at times, we're probably all a little unsure.

Because we all have imperfections, and we magnify them. Don't we?

But I hope that we, especially women who know God's truth about us, can remember who

Created Beauty
Defines Beauty
Encompasses the very nature of Beauty.

And remember that He thinks we're beautiful.
And He wants very much for us to live beautifully.

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  1. elise, this was absolutely wonderful. thank you!


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