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Last Fall our neighborhood began participating in a program called "Porch Durham." It's one of the coolest programs I've ever heard of/taken part in, and I have decided that if I ever live in a neighborhood again in my whole life that doesn't do this, 

I'm starting it. Period.

But our neighborhood now, does it. And it's awesome. And it's easy. 

This is what Porch-Durham is:

Anyone in the neighborhood can participate. Each neighborhood has a director-type-person, and a pick-up-type-person. Every other Sunday, any participating home can leave food items on their front porch between 4-6 PM. Then the neighborhood's pick-up-type-person comes around and collects all the of the food. Then the food goes to one of several different schools in the area to support their backpack program.

Have you ever heard of a backpack program?

They're awesome too!

Last year I helped at one school's backpack program in Durham. Basically, they exist because some kiddos don't get enough food over the weekend. Yep. Some kids go home for the weekend and are hungry. This makes my heart heavy just to think about. This happens, really. More often than you think. Here, in the US, in Durham, and probably in your city too. And those little elementary school bodies are growing and learning and playing and, well, they need to eat. And they need to eat good, healthy, nutritious food. But, sometimes, they just can't. So, backpack programs have a pantry at the school from which they pack backpacks to send home with selected students for the weekend. That way, when they aren't getting school lunches, they can be sure to be getting plenty of food for those tummies of theirs.

So Porch-Durham supplies pantries.
Pantries supply backpacks.
Backpacks supply hungry kiddos with food so they don't have to be so hungry.

And how easy is it to leave a bag of groceries on your front porch??

It takes the "I would, but I don't know where/how..."


"I would but I'm too busy"


"I would but it's just too much of a hassle to drive to the donation center when I have so much else going on..."


and squishes them. And says, 

"What's your excuse now? You planning to go to the grocery store in the next 2 weeks? 

Yeah, that's what I thought." 

Seriously, I hope this porch program starts sweeping the nation. It's definitely going with me wherever I go. Inspired? Try to start one where you live. Charlottesville? Gig Harbor? Richmond? Bellingham? Hey, why not on a college campus?? Anywhere will work! 

Just a thought. 

It's a good way to show love to others and gratitude for what you've been given.

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