Trying Some New Things

I'm going to try some new things this year.

Fresh starts kinda invigorate me to be more disciplined.

So, here are a few ways that I want to be intentional about my life this year:

-I am officially beginning a 2-year Bible Reading Plan. I think I've read every word of the Bible. But I'm not sure. And I've never done it in a structured-hold-yourself-accountable kind of way. I've tried a lot of 1-year Bible plans and I always fall behind somewhere around March and then eventually, I gracefully bow out. So, a new strategy: A 2-year plan. It is manageable, I really like it so far. Anyone want to join in?

-Last year my sweet friend Steph and her sister gave up chocolate for a whole year. A whole year. I thought she was crazy. Chocolate is the air I breathe. No possible way. She made it. In fact, she ate her first chocolate at midnight on New Year's Eve this year.  And I stole this cute photo from her blog to prove it.

So this year, my sister and I are giving up chocolate. Why? 

Yeah, you might ask. 

Well, one thing I want more of in my life is dicipline. My discipline is very compartmentalized between areas of my life. School: disciplined. Snacking on chocolate: Undisciplined. Working out: More than the average disciplined. Eating Whole Foods Gelato: Undisciplined. See what I mean...I think I want to give up chocolate to learn to be more disciplined with sweets. I am a sweet, sweet tooth. 

Chocolate, it's been real. Sorry I'm checking out.

-I have a bad habit of leaving stuff around. I am not a messy person, and I can't stand dirtiness, but sometimes, I'm just forgetful. There is almost always one pair of my shoes under the coffee table, one of my books on the kitchen table, a sock or two somewhere, definitely whichever blanket I was last cuddling with, and worst, BOBBY PINS. I don't know how they get everywhere, but there are bobby pins everywhere in our house. I think Adam has had enough. He calls them barrettes. 

"Elise, how do your hair barrettes end up everywhere?" 

At the moment, tissues are the new "barrettes" at our house. Gross, don't come visit us right now. 

Either way, I want to be more intentional about remembering that I left things out and putting them away. Sounds simple enough.

-And, the last one: I am Horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE at calling/texting people back. (Can I get a witness?) Usually it's, again, because I forget. Not because I don't want to. If I am busy and can't respond to a text right away, I'll never respond because I'll forget about it. And, since I only listen to voicemails about once a month, I forget about missed calls too. I call my mom and sister regularly, but besides them, I'm really bad at sitting down and just calling a friend up on the phone. I think a lot of my friends feel like I don't want to talk to them, which couldn't be further from the truth. So, this year, I'm going to try to prove it to you!!

Phew, this list is exhausting to write. But also, exhilarating. 

Are y'all trying anything new this year? How is it going as of, 

what is it, 

Day three?

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