Week Long Sleepover

I gain new appreciations for my mother everyday. The more I experience in life, the more I realize how awesomely she seems to handle all things.  Since I've been married these epiphanies are becoming more and more common.

Here is this week's: My mom is super brave.

My dad works in 24 shifts. This is the way it's been my whole life. So that means that every third night my dad is not home. And my mom is. Growing up that meant that every third night the kids got to rotate who was going to sleep in Mom's bed with her. But for mom, it meant a night at home without her husband.


I am completely incapable of staying home by myself. Maybe it's that we live in Durham.

Durham, NC.

Yeah, that could be it.

But part of me feels like it wouldn't matter where.

I had to stay home alone one night recently and I didn't sleep a wink the whole night. I played worship music, left a light on in my room, made Adam stay on speaker phone with me while I tried to fall asleep. And still, I was scared out of my mind.

This week Adam is gone all week. Alllll week. The terror that went through my mind as I prepared for what a whole week of laying in bed at night convinced that someone is walking up our stairs into my bedroom...was too much.

So, instead

I'm using my paranoia as an excuse to have a week long sleepover with two great girl friends who live in Raleigh. Elizabeth and Allyson are wonderful. We share a church, lots of friends, and we once shared the greatest girls Bible Study ever. Now we settle for sleepovers, coffee dates, and whatever we can get. And it's not only Allyson's yummy cooking that makes staying here so sweet. 

-The standing around the counter covnos that last an hour.
-The snacking on Allyson's leftover ingredients while she makes delicious soup for dinner.
-The sharing devotionals that we are currently loving.
-The sweet feeling of hospitality and knowing that you really are, welcome.

I forget how wonderful living with girls can be. 
[Not that I want to go back.]


Friends sure are treasures.

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