Bus Stop Kids

There is this school bus that makes stops all down Morreene Road around 2:45 every day. And every day, I am behind this very school bus. I can gauge my consistency by whether I am directly behind it or three cars behind it. But I'm always behind it. This is about to get creepy, 

but I always watch the kids getting off really closely. And I recognize each one of them now.

And it's not just because I'm a compulsive people watcher. I think it's because after so many days of watching them get home from school I have become kind of invested in them. And really curious. And I have this strange desire to know more about their lives. 

What I do know is that they live in fairly low-income apartments. Not the worst, but definitely quite a juxtaposition with the luxury student apartments I pass just before turning onto Morreene. They are almost all some sort of ethnic minority. I used to pick up this girl I nannied in Charlottesville from the bus stop several days a week and walk her home. I made friends with all the "bus stop moms." It was nice, and also strange. But I have never seen a "bus stop mom" at these stops. I'm not exactly sure why, but maybe it's because they are at work. Today, I noticed for the first time that one of the little girls was carrying a big old instrument case. I'm not sure what instrument. I think it was a saxophone. Which was big compared to her. I got this overwhelming urge to hear her play it. I love the saxophone.

I know, this sounds creepy.

Even though I live a mile down the road from them, I still feel this strange bond of community with them. They don't know me from Eve. And I don't know any of their names. But I do know their faces, and I pray for them every time I see that red STOP popping out at me. And then I always pray that God would prevent me from being satisfied to live in a bubble. 

Any bubble. 


He places us all in communities together for a reason. And whether we share many things in common, or just our road home, I think He loves most when we reach out to one another. And when we show love to one another.

I don't know how I could show love to these kids. But I really want to find a way. Maybe I should start praying that God would give me an opportunity to reach out to them. Are there any people like this in your life? Do you have bus stop kids? 

How can we show them love? 

Because, we're called to.

So we need to.

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