It's just one of those days when everything on my mind is random mumbo jumbo, and I need to dump it somewhere. What are some of those random things swishin' around in your mind lately? Here are some of mine:

-I really do not understand hash tags. And I definitely don't feel hip enough to use them. Who started that anyway? And who decided what it was going to mean? 

-Yesterday Adam and I went to the outlet malls to get a few things from Columbia that we need for our upcoming ski trip (woot!). We were so excited by the good deals that we got, that we wore some of our new gear around the house all night. Then the weirdest thing happened...it started to snow. Our first snow of the winter. Totally not expecting it, but incidentally, entirely prepared. 

-The first thing we did when we realized it was snowing was drive to WF for a cold treat. We slid part of the way there...

-Sometimes when our table is really messy, we eat on the floor. Yesterday the table was really messy. But we had a fire going and yummy burgers, so it worked out. 

Adam's camera gets blurry when he's hungry.

-I really, really, really hope that Uggs never go out of style. And if they do, I'm going to go right out of style with them.

-Getting the first round edits of your thesis back from your committee initially makes you want to throw up and/or weep. But then, if you eat some GF snickerdoodles, call your sister, mamma, and husband, and just start tackling it, you already start to feel better.

-Exodus is kind of a crazy book. Is it okay to say that? Because it is just so crazy. 

-Adam and I have still been watching our wedding video more times than any two people should watch a video of themselves. How long will this last I wonder? 

-Our friends Martha and Ian were here last weekend and introduced us to my new favorite website: Catalog Living. This lady basically uses pictures from home decor store catalogs and creates witty and hilarious captions to make make fun of them. Y'all, don't go unless you have a lot of time to waste because her humor is addicting. Here is a sneak peak though...

She also does a magazine living...don't even get me started. But,

-I bought this dress at Anthro and cannot decide whether or not I should keep it. Thoughts?

Hope my randomness didn't throw your Monday out of whack. Happy start of the week to you all. I hope it is full of random joys!


  1. Not that my opinion about your garments counts for much, but that's a really cute dress! And yes, I'm going to spend a bit of time at Catalog Living: looks amusing. Oh no, look how I'm "spending my minutes"! Hmmm.

    1. Thanks! I like it too. Just wondering if i'll wear it enough. Let me know what you think of CL. :)


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