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Here is a fun fact about Durham: Durham is a foodie town! Don't believe me?

Read this.

Or this.

Or this!

Or, you can just trust me on it. Last year it was on NYTimes top places to go list, mostly because of well, FOOD! (They left off the Duke Basketball factor, in order to maintain neutrality, but we all know it helps too). Now, i may (do) still complain about leaving Charlottesville to live in Durham, but if there is one thing that a city can do to steal my heart, it is feed me well and feed me local. I guess that's two things. But it can be summed up as: FEED ME! I love food. And don't most of us? 

Durham has great food at every level: They have restaurants that fancy people travel to Durham from all over to eat at, that serve delicious, extravagant, expensive food. You know, those kinds of places. (This is the only one where we've eaten.) They also have really good middle-ground places: Kinda formal, but still affordable and fun. Also, delicous. Remember this date and this brunch? They were at Watt's Grocery. One of our faves!

And then there are the good-ole common folk places where you can find good, affordable, still very creative grub. Foster's Market and Parker and Otis are two places that I get excited to take out-of-towners. They are the places that give me that proud-of-my-town sentiment. Do you have those places in your town?

Lastly, Durham has a sweet farmer's market. But, more than that, the town of Durham has good relationships with the surrounding farmers. There are lots of CSAs in the area. Nearly all of the restaurants try to serve locally grown and seasonal food. The con: The menus are constantly changing so you can rarely have your "favorite" dish twice. Pro: The chefs are incredibly creative and constantly expand your horizons. 

Have I convinced you to come yet?

The food scene was/is one of my favorite things about Charlottesville. They've definitely got some good-grubbin going on there too. But, I think Durham might be even more of a foodie town. And I love that! 

To wrap up I'll say that last night Adam and I got to try a new place that we have been dying to try: Nanataco. One of our favorite (special occasion) restaurants is Nana's. I'm talking birthday dinners location. But right next door they have a casual, inexpensive restaurant called Nanataco. We heard great things. We had a date night with friends planned. So,

We went.
We ate.
We loved

The meat choices included things like garlic slow-cooked beef, house smoked duck, rotisserie chicken, braised local hog jowls?, house spicy chorizo, and of course, your chili rubbed pork butt. Not to mention they have FISH TACOS and $5 Margaritas! Let's just say we had a good Fat Tuesday. Steph Glover, just sayin, but I think you'd LOVE this place.

The moral of the post, 

If you're ever in Durham, I'll show you what's up in the foodie world. You won't leave hungry, but you'll definitely leave happy! Or, you might just not leave at all...


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