Hive-Five-For-Friday, Kind of.

Typically this Hive-Five-Friday routine is when I link up with Lauren, and tell you my top five favorites from the week. This Friday, I'm swiching it up and sharing my hive-fives from Valentines. Like I mentioned last year, Ad and I aren't V-day crazies. But we did start a fun tradition last year, which made a comeback Tuesday. Refresh your memory here, and then see what our favorite five things about V-day this year were:

1. Adam taking Cameron (my Mazda3) to get an oil change first thing in the AM. 4,000 miles day was already made.

2. My sweet friend Nikki bringing cupcakes/cookies to class for everyone. But she is so stinking-thoughtful, and brought me a tupperware full of strawberries instead. 

3. In Cameron on the way to Whole Foods for our V-day tradition WF feast, we had this conversation:

E: This is sad, but I'm just not very hungry
A: I'm not really either. What do you want to do? We could go wander around somewhere for awhile first?
E: Well, let's just go and we can just not get very much. But we still have to get gelato, k?  

This, followed by getting more food than any two people could (should?) eat:

When the cashier rung us up he asked if we needed a bag, we looked at each other with slightly embarrassed grins, and sheepishly said um, no...He began to laugh at us and made some comment like, "Oh, yeah, um, I'm starving too." 

"Haha, yeah us too..." 

And eating (almost) all of it.

4. After finishing, we decided it would take at least a 20 minute walk around the store (up and down the aisles) to prepare our tummies for gelato (because, duh, we were getting it). Ugh, looking at more food, when you're about to explode? Bad idea. We hung close to the wine section and burned some time there. At which point we decided we'd go wine-tasting in Sonoma this summer. Then we went back for gelato. We decided to go to a different cashier this time...our shame was too much. 

Mmmm, was it good.

I stole this photo from here, because we forgot to take one.

5. To end the evening we went to see a movie that both of our Washingtonian-whale-lover-selves have been dying to see. Have you heard of Big Miracle? My goodness, see it! It's so good, and is a true story. And only a little ironic that my celebrity love (ahem, John Krasinski) plays an adorable reporter, named Adam. Sigh. LOVE it. Here is the preview:

Gah! John Krasinski, whales, cold war, ALL of my favorite things. Now GO, see it!

Hope your weeks were sweet and your weekend even sweeter! Happy Friday friends!


  1. Hahaha, that is too funny! I would've gone to a different cashier too! I'm sure the gelato was delicious!!

  2. Sounds like a fun and filling (pun intended :) valentine's! Love me some gelato too!

    Happy Friday!


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