Hive Five For Friday

Lots of High-Five worthiness this week! Thanks Lauren for letting me link up with you again!

1. A bowling double-date that unexpectedly turned into a cosmic bowling date. Team Nelson only took 1.5 of the 3.5 games. But at least our shoes glowed in the dark...

2. Making these sweet-potato biscuits with ham (from our wedding) for the Superbowl and loving that they got devoured. Have I mentioned that we had the best chef in the world cater our wedding? My word...

3. Watching this with Adam. I've been wanting to see it for so long, and it was worth the wait. But I dare you to watch it and not get the "Hey Coco" song stuck in your head for a week. 

4. ALL five of the folks in this picture will be staying with us this weekend. My sister and brother in-law, and dear friends the Robinsons. Along with their precious new daughter. And it's going to be great!

5. Oh, my gosh. It took a lot of restraint to hold on to this till the end, but AUSTIN RIVERS' shot to beat UNC made me cry. And scream. And jump on Adam. And jump on my brother's couch. And hug my brother's girlfriend. And scream some more. And cry some more. One of my greatest moments ever as a duke fan.

How were your weeks?

What fun do you have planned for this weekend-before-Valentines? Hope it's full of LOVE!

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