New Blog On the Block.

Can I please shout-out to a new blog on the block that I am particularly endeared to?

Don't mind if I do...

So recently, my husband decided to start a tumblr blog. This is why: He runs the residential side of a big painting company. No, he doesn't get to paint (outside of the confines of our own humble abode that is), but takes care of just about every other part of the business. One thing he loves about his job is that he gets to meet with people in their homes, daily. Most days he visits 3-4 homes and meets 3-4 families/individuals, all with their own stories, quirks, styles, pets, and backgrounds. Needless to say, he always comes home with GREAT stories.

The other thing, he is kind of a people person. And people are kind of "Adam people." Everyone that meets him (no matter the setting) typically feels super comfortable with him and super open with him. This means, not only are these families customers, but by the end, they seem to be his best friends. He has brought home things like wine, chili, skin products...from customers. Has been given samples of their special bourbon collections. Even invited to barbecues at their homes. After like, 1.5 hours! Seriously.

Lastly, Adam is an excellent storyteller and after experiencing (and hearing) enough of the crazy stories that work brings his way, he decided (and I supported) that he would start a blog to tell stories, share thoughts that his daily interactions provoke, and also, document misc fun that is either related to the world of work, 

or not. 

Oh yeah, and he's a super creative writer. 

If you like my blog, you should definitely check his out. He is my other half and awesome counterpart and I think you may really like his too. You can link to it from mine. See it over there on the side? It's called A Brush With: Life.

Ok, shout-out over. But seriously check it out!

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