Remember that night? The one with all the stars. 

And that great big barn.

It was snowing when we woke up. Not the pretty kind--cold, wet, slushy, miserable snow. Which turned into cold rain. But then, something amazing happened: The clouds just kind of parted. And it was a breathtaking day. What a gift.

Remember the excitement and nerves and the gushing of happiness all day? Even though we weren't together. Because, we were about to be together. We were meeting somewhere very special. And all the people we love were coming too. Remember all those goofy friends that we had all around us? Standing with us. They represented so many phases of our life and places that we've been. They were family. Even the ones who weren't actually. 

Remember the music? The most beautiful music. It was telling the story of 

How He Loves us,
And just how Strong His Love is. 
How Deep His Love is.
How Great He is,
And how prone we are to wander.

Remember that sweet, sweet kiss? It was our first. But, not really.  

Remember the party? The food. The dancing. The laughing. The pie and gelato. The bump and the twist. It all really did happen. Even though it happened so fast. And then it ended. But that's when we noticed the stars. As we left, they gave everything that mesmerizing glow that so perfectly summed up the day.

I love to remember that night, and all the stars. 

When life as one really began.

Love you, Happy Valentine's.

(Photo by Mike Hagen)

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