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So if you recall, I was going to try some new things this year. (What's the harm in trying right?)

Well, here is a little update on how I'm doing so far:

-The two-year Bible plan: I'm still going strong on this. I have missed a day here or there, but have caught right back up. I'm in Exodus and Psalms right now. Pharaohs and famines and plagues, oh my! It's been great and has re-rooted me in the Bible. I love this.

-No chocolate: Hmmmm, this one has been harder, to say the least. I haven't broken yet, but I sure have come close. If I could have any kind of chocolate right now, it would be peanut butter-chocolate gelato. Or a big, extra-hot mocha from Caribou.

-Leaving stuff around/forgetfullness: When I first sat down to write this post a few days ago, I looked around and from my seat at our table I could see 5, count them: 5 pairs of shoes/boots/slippers on the floor. One pair underneath both the kitchen table and the coffee table. Two by the couch. One by my favorite cozy chair. So I didn't write the post right then. Instead, I waited till today. When I can honestly say, I can only see one pair, and they are by the door. Which seems fair. And Adam has a pair by my favorite chair, which cancels out my pair by the door. All in all, I do think I'm getting better. 

-Responding to texts/calls/emails: Ok, so I think I did great for the first 3 weeks and then it became crunch time with my thesis draft and I got bad again. But I've felt baby steps of improvement. I guess you should really be asking my friends though.

How are your resolutions going? Can we make it through month 2 my friends? I think so!

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