Today, I will wear a new hat.

Usually, when I'm not wearing my student hat or my wife hat, I wear my TA hat. Teaching Assistant, that is. But when duty calls and the professor is out of town, I get to wear my Professor-for-the-day hat. And today, duty is calling. So in I will go to a classroom full of Duke undergraduates (who are undoubtedly already on Spring Break in their minds...) and give a lecture about domestic violence. 

Great topic huh? 

But, the positive is that I love to teach others. I always have. And this is my first pretty grown-up teaching opportunity. A college class. At Duke. And as nervous as I should be, more than anything I'm excited. Because, it's great to share your knowledge and passions with others (not that I'm particularly knowledgeable or passionate about violence). And, at the end of the day, they are the ones with the mid-term on Friday, not me. 

Any last minute advice from the teachers out there?

I'll be sure to report back on how it goes!


  1. You'll do great! Just remember you know more than they do, so that alone qualifies you to be up there. Even more, God has specifically and strategically placed you in that room with those students. It's divinely appointed. Remembering that helps keep perspective properly placed. And have fun...don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. But do be serious and clear with your expectations (that will pay off dividends).

  2. How did the subject of domestic violence come to be a lecture that you are giving? I only ask as this is a subject I am very familiar with and I find a disconnect with what you are working on.

    1. Violence was the topic on the syllabus for the day, and the professor is out of town. So I got to research and learn about a new topic. I'd never done any research about violence before, so I feel like I learned about 10 x as much as the students in preparing of the lecture.


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