A Very High-Five Friday

It's Fuuuuuurrrrrriday!!! 
Phew! Hello friends. 


I'm excited to link up with Lauren again this week and share 5 awesome high-five worthy happenings. Oh, and have there been some high-five worthy happenings. There suuure have, and here they are:

1. Spending quality girl-time while Adam was out of town, again. Girl time included several ethnic dinners, Anthropolgie, sleepovers, gelato, vino, and brand new babies. The best, just the best.

2. A new cute headscarf/headband thing from Anthro that really works with the bangs.

3. Seeing this movie with Adam last Friday. One of my favorite books. Hard to watch, but everyone should see it. Then read the book. Or perhaps the other way around.

4. SUBMITTING MY THESIS DRAFT. Now smart, official, Duke folks can tear it to shreds. After which, I'll try to piece it back together. Along with my broken ego/heart. I found these comics that depict my life lately quite well:

5. Last, but very not least, getting our wedding video back from Jon Schaaf Photography, and watching it every hour. And crying. And laughing. And grinning from ear to ear. And then repeating. There's not a more wonderful day to relive and relive. (And relive and relive)

elise + adam • wedding from Jon Schaaf Photography on Vimeo.

Happiest of Superbowl weekends friends!!


  1. This video is amazing...almost as lovely to watch as it was to witness the real thing in person. Oh Happy Day!

  2. Sounds like an awesome week! Congrats on the thesis draft submittal. Good girlfriends, Anthro, and wine...my kind of night! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks!! It really was a good one. Have a lovely weekend yourself!

  3. I think having your thesis on the list can really make it a high five! The comic can certainly be a thesis help to give some comedy in their tedious thesis life. Anyway, what happened to your thesis writing? I do hope everything went well with it.


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