The worst kind of fever

I think we officially have puppy fever.

We were doing just fine until we went to hang out with our friends last night and their cute new Labradoodle attacked us with her furry, hypo-allergenic, adorableness. We have been wanting a dog for a really long time. I have never had a dog, to my dismay. My entire family is allergic to non-human mammals. Of most sorts. But, apparently, my allergies do ok around "doodles." Foofy as they are...

What I really want is a King Charles Spaniel, but I fear that it would only lead to me rapidly falling in love followed by a sudden failure of my lungs to pass air through them and oxygen to my brain. Which as it turns out, I need these days.

Or do I...

So then, what about a doodle? My husband is an all-American lover of the golden retriever. Again, lung failure for me. But these Goldendoodle-types are kind of ridiculously precious. 

Especially when they are pups:

The other catch, we kind of love our freedom. We are just a young, budding, family of two...and we love how easy marriage is right now when we really don't have anyone or anything to be responsible for, but each other. We don't own a home, we don't have pets, and to be honest, it's kinda nice. 

But so is this face:

Wouldn't you say?

What do you think? Is having a good dog worth it? Is it too much work? Is it harder than having a kid? Will it matter at all once we bring it home and fall instantly in love? And when it's snuggling with me when Ad is out of town?

I'm not sure about all this. But what I do know is that I have puppy fever. Badly.

(And that I've already filled out several applications for upcoming litters...)


  1. Totally and entirely worth it. you'll get an awesome dog that will just go where you go, and it won't hinder you at all. we live on a the middle of the Canada...and there was never a second thought that Chaco would be with us. He's a big dog on a small boat, he leaves his fur everywhere, and we have to ship dog food up from Vancouver, but it doesn't matter. Do it, you will not regret it for a second.

  2. (oops, that's becca, using John's computer...)

    1. hmm, my first comment didn't post (silly very slow internet)...what I said was:

      Absolutely 100 percent no doubt you will not regret it. You will get an awesome dog that goes where you go and does what you do and it will not slow you down a bit. We bought a sailboat (Chaco had never been on a boat before), moved to Canada (taking him across the border), and now live in the middle of nowhere, where he follows us around all the time. Dogs are malleable. He is a big dog on a small boat, he leaves his fur everywhere, and we have to have food shipped up from Vancouver, but it doesn't matter. So give in, get the puppy :-)

  3. Say what? Get out of my head! I've had puppy fever for a long time now, and fell in love with a Labradoodle this summer! It's tough when we have so much going on to plan for a puppy. Someday...


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