Comments on Being Married, Month 5

Five months ago today was my favorite. 

I still relive it all the time. Every time Adam and I watch our wedding video, we conclude that we could relive the whole day about 15 times and still not be tired of it. But, while the wedding was fun, marriage is even better. And we do get to live it over and over, every day. Here are some comments on being married, after month five:

-How did I ever live before I had someone to get things off of the really high shelf for me?

-Going to weddings as a married couple is great. You get to relive your day in little ways, and be gushing with love and smooches and googley eyes at one another, if you want.

-We JUST started doing our laundry together. It took us awhile to plunge into the combining of loads, but now we're there. And it feels a lot more natural. And water efficient.

-Even if you don't own your home, there are always projects to be done around the house.

-After being around each other enough, you start having really weird debates. Like who makes who weirder (He makes me weirder). And whether the correct abbreviation for husband is hubs or husb (Obviously hubs). Or whether clean sheets make the bed hotter or not (Mm, I think he's right, they do).

-Pillow talk is the best and sometimes where the most honest stuff comes out.

-Praying together is most important.

-When your husband elbows you in the eye or head butts you so hard that you feel your brain rattle around while he's sleeping, just forgive him. But remind him of it in the morning for some sympathy. And maybe also consider wearing a helmet to bed.

-It's okay to not be in the same room entertaining one another with your company 100% of the time. It's okay to be in the same room and not entertaining each other too. You'll be together the rest of your life, and if this is an expectation, you might get exhausted.

-Learning to make decisions together is one of the best things to figure out early on. Also, one of the hardest to learn.

-Even when your funds are combined, and you know how much the other is spending on you, it's good to still go on nice dates every once in awhile without stressing about money. And to let yourselves buy each other surprise birthday/Christmas gifts without trying to figure out how it will fit in the budget. 

-It is good to embrace the pruning that God does during the beginning of marriage and to appreciate the opportunity to be made more holy, rather than resenting it.

-In the prayer that my dad prayed over us at our wedding ceremony he said, 

"And for all the years ahead, may they look back on this wedding day and recognize with wonder and awe that of all their married days, this was the one on which they loved each other the least."

I don't think I stopped smiling on my wedding day. And when I stood at the alter, beaming ear to ear, and listened to my dad praying those words, I didn't understand how I could ever love Adam more. But you know what, I already love him so much more deeply than I did then. And I bet by month six, it will somehow be truer still, 

because marriage is beautifully mysterious like that.

What are you other married folks learning these days?

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  1. This is so sweet. And I certainly remember those early months when Terry would elbow me in the head. haha! We had some good laughs.

    ...and even as we approach year 8 many of these things still ring true. It's keeping them alive that gets harder...with children, long work hours, mortgages, business running....LIFE!! :)

    (but pillow talk is still my favorite part of the day)


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