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We arrived in Whistler yesterday afternoon just as the snow stopped falling. And the clouds started parting. And the blue skies started smiling down upon us. Is there anything quite like fresh powder and blue skies? Let me know if there is. Because I'm not so sure.

Maybe I should back up. Ad and I are on vacation this week. We are skiing in Whistler with my family. Remember Whistler? And the snapshots from last year year? I'll try not to repeat myself this year. But Whistler is my favorite place.

Here are some of the things that characterize one's (the Jordan family's) trips to Whistler:

-Watching curling. A lot of curling. Then watching SportsCenter discuss the highlights of the day's curling. 

-Heading straight for our favorite Irish pub after skiing where we have two three rounds of our favorite beers/ciders and a lot of cheesy, chippy, potatoey goodness. Apres ski heaven.

-Being ready for bed by 7:30. Staying up until 8:30 and feeling like you've pulled an all nighter.

-Sore legs.

-Stuffing snacks into our pockets hoping we won't have to stop for lunch.

-Red noses and cheeks.

-Trying to convince ourselves that it would all work out alright if we never went back to our normal lives.

And some things that make this year's trip particularly special:

-Bringing Adam for the first time.

-Skiing with my husband and getting to snuggle on the lifts.

-The above stated weather conditions. Completely ideal.

-Needing the break worse than ever.

What are your special places in this world? Places you always dream of being and never want to leave when you're there? 

Whistler, my friends, is mine. And it has been since I was about this big and wore crazy 80's ski gear. 

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