High Five For Friday

Friday is here again! Is anyone else as happy as I am about that? It's so good to be here (linking up with Lauren) sharing the top five things from my week.


Saturday night Ad and I got to have dinner and hang out with some of our best friends from high school before heading back to NC on Sunday.
This couple:

And the awesome folks behind this business!

Ah, hanging out with them takes us back to those early days of our romance. This is Shaz and Jamie and me back in high school, playing in Disneyworld! Love these girls and enjoyed seeing them so much!

The start of march madness. Great games already after night one. But was anyone else as offended by the color of Baylor's uniforms as I was? I could hardly look at them. Why, Baylor?

This yummy dinner that we ate: 
Turkey-arugula-feta burgers with avocado and baby potatoes. And lots of Katsup! The best part, Adam made them. I bought this (pretty) bottle of wine as a treat to enjoy with them. Yes, I bought it because there were polka dots on the label. Turned out to be a good decision though.

Turned in the second draft of my thesis yesterday to my committee. My word, this means I'm almost done! Let's just hope they don't have quite as many comments this time around.

I leave today for a girl's weekend in Northern Virginia. I get to see 3 (maybe 4) of my bridesmaids, at least 6 of my sorority sisters, and one of my other besties too! I think I'm going to wear this dress for our girls night out tonight!

What are your plans for the weekend? Watching a lot of basketball? I hope that amidst all the girl time I can at least get my eyes on two Duke wins! And some DC cherry blossoms. :) 
Lots of love friends! Happy Weekend!


  1. is here a recipe for the turkey-arugula-feta burgers?

    have a great time in nova! give steph a hug for me!

    1. Um, not really! We just chopped up arugula and mixed it into the meat with some feta, salt, and pepper! Then made the patties. It was so good and easy!

  2. I am SO sold on that bottle of wine with the polka dots alone!!! Love it!!! and need it!!!!

  3. That's such a cute dress! Have fun with your girl friends :)

    ~em at small girl, big world

  4. I live in Northern VA and the cherry blossoms are beautiful right now. You're in for a real treat when you come!

    1. They were amazing! So glad I went!


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