High Five for Friday.

Helloooo bloggies. It's Friday, how grand! I love "staying-put" weekends--When we stay in Durham and rest and enjoy our town and our friends and our church. Lately, staying-put weekends have been few and far between for us. Our life is full of fun things going on...in other places! But, how grateful I am when one of these weekends rolls around. As the weekend begins, I like to link up with Lauren to share five good things from the week. What are yours? You can link up too! Here are mine:


A fun family wedding last weekend in Georgia. Lots of good cousin time, oh and Mamma time! Thanks Jen for letting me borrow your lovely dress.
Me and my man...a little windblown.
Cousin row!
So happy to see this girl!
All cousins, although you wouldn't know from looking at us.

These cookies that my sweeeeet friend Nikki brought to me on Wednesday. The perfect hump-day remedy. My word, were they good. 

Being creative with end-of-the-month meals. Do you know what I mean? Whenever we get close to the end of the month and our food budget is spent, I try to make random dishes out of anything that we have left. Tuesday: Fried rice with broccoli, peas, egg, green onions, and brown basmati rice. Wednesday: Pasta with pea shoots, broccoli (cooked with lemon juice, basil, salt, and pepper), avocado, cheese, and olive oil. It was a random bowl of green goodness. Here's to next week's slightly more traditional dishes. 

I had several great runs with Adam this week. The lighter-out-for-longer trend is making it possible to run together even when Adam doesn't get home till 6:30-7:00. It's so much better than running alone. 

Pulling out my bin of summer clothes. Emptying it. Re-filling it with sweaters, coats, and thermals. And pushing it back under the guest bed until September...at least! I heart warm weather. 

Happiest of weekends to you all! I hope you've got some fun things planned for it. 

And, once again, thanks for reading--Friends, family, and strangers: it just tickles me that you follow this blog of mine. 


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  1. what a beautiful dress!! and how nice to be able to run together - that makes it much better!! happy weekend!


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