Wow, it's Friday. And it's March. Both are hard to believe. I think I was losing faith in the fact that either of these two things would arrive before I pooped out. Ahh, but how glad I am to be here today sharing my top five things from this week:


Prayer night at Summit on Monday night. We all received these awesome 40-days-of-prayer guides to read through as a church in preparation for Easter! Adam and I have already really been enjoying praying through it together at night. Want to join in too? Here is the link!

Tuesday I got to speak on a panel about "Christian Relationships" at the Athletes in Action (AIA) meeting at NC State. It was only when I got there that I realized my pastor's wife was also on the panel...just a LITTLE intimidating. Dang, and did she bring her wisdom. I was so encouraged by her and by the opportunity to share with college athletes what God desires for our relationships. Oh, and to be back with a group of AIA-ers!

Getting to teach my first college class. It went great and I had fun! Here's to getting a Ph.D. and becoming a professor! Or maybe not.
Or, maybe. 

Celebrating our 4th month of being married, on leap day! Some favorite pics from EK:

Today, we are flying home and beginning our journey to this favorite place of mine where I hope to ski-and-eat my heart out. Yesterday morning when we woke up, Adam starting whistling this really quite ridiculous "tune" (noise). It sounded like he was trying to imitate a windstorm. In my bedroom. Right before I could smack him (in my half-asleep sweetness) and tell him to quit, he asked 
A: "Guess what I am." 
E: Half asleep groan...
A: "I'm Whistler!"
Then I started to smile and hug him lots.

We can't wait!!

Whistler, BC

I hope that this new week and new month brought some joy to your life as well. I'm finding this practice of finding 5 things to be grateful for each week really wonderful. Even at the end of weeks that seem hard, I am always able to think of 5+ things to be happy about. Thanks Lauren for letting me link up with you on this positive exercise. And happiest of weekend friends!



  1. your wedding pics are so cute!

    1. Thanks! Eric Kelley Photography is super talented!

  2. omg Whistler looks amazing!!!! love how you wake up to pure excitement as you did girlie!

    And I love the shot you have on your header! That sun shining down like that is gorg!!!

    1. Thanks! We took that in Italy on our honeymoon. The sun was setting-so breathtaking! Thanks for stopping by Beverly. And for your encouraging words!


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