Spring and Nif are Similar.

Last year on March 20th I posted about my sister. Today is her birthday. And also, the first day of Spring.

But what I didn't post about last year is the fact that today is also one of my best friends in the whole world's birthday too, Jen. Or as we sometimes like to call her Nif. 

I think it's utterly appropriate she was born on the first day of Spring. Spring finds us cold and worn down from winter (ahem, this year being the exception because we had no winter) and renews our spirits. Jen embodies this sweet characteristic of Spring. Spring also brings yummy flowers and smells. And Jen, bless her, provided me with the best flowery, yummy-smelling candle of my entire life (And I ration its burn time as if my life depended on it. Still going, after 2+ years.) This is what a home should smell like.

Another thing that Jen has in common with Spring: They let you wear fun springy dresses and skirts. Jen gave me one of my favorite Spring dresses and skirts. And she just loaned me a pretty dress for the Spring wedding we're going to this weekend. 

Spring and Jen both make you comfortable and optimistic. Spring and Jen both make you warm and very much at peace when you're around them. 

See what I mean? So similar.

But maybe the reason why Jen and Spring sharing a birthday is so appropriate is the way that they both bring beauty out of things that were gloomy. Jen has this crazy-beautiful faith. And her faith has a crazy-beautiful story to accompany it. And her faithfulness inspires those around her to be more faithful. The way she loves God encourages those around her to love God. The way she loves others (especially her friends) inspires those around her to love others better. Jen's walk with God and her love for both friends and strangers challenges and encourages me to emulate Christ's love in the same way she does. And allow Christ to make me more beautiful in spirit through the example of the beautiful-in-spirits that he gives me as friends.

So, happy Spring Jen! And Happy Birthday too. Thanks for being beautiful both in spirit and in flesh. Love you, and love that you brought Spring our way!

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