Watermelon, Watermelon

This weekend Adam and I were in Georgia for a family wedding. Neal family weddings are always kind of crazy and always incredibly fun. This weekend was no exception. There are 11 cousins on my Neal side and we have always been real fond of one another. Like extended brothers and sisters. When we were little, we'd always visit each other in the summers and eat lots of watermelon. The parents would send us outside, each with our own wedge and we'd make a hot mess out of ourselves. Our parents liked to line us up in height order and take photos of us eating our melon, like this.

On second thought, they liked any excuse to line us up in height order.

So somehow the tradition began that at every Neal cousin wedding we would take a picture, in height order, of us eating watermelon. Of course, the wedding watermelons are imaginary. Here are some examples.

My sister's wedding:
By Sarah Cramer Photography
By Sarah Cramer Photography

Cousin Chris' wedding:

Our wedding:

By Eric Kelley Photography

By Eric Kelley Photography

And Judson's wedding 4 days ago:

The height order has changed a bit. Paul, who used to be on the far-short side has now established himself as the far-tall side man. I used to be somewhere in the middle and now I am stuck second from the end on the short side. We aren't always all there, but those missing are there in spirit. 

Do y'all have a lot of cousins? What funny family traditions do y'all have?

It's fun to think about my sister, brother, and me all having children one day and making them do silly things that eventually stick with them. Matching PJs on family vacations? Silly annual pictures? Endless possibilities. I just hope that they love one another as much our cousins always have!


  1. Cousins are the best. I love my Neal cousins, too. I also love my Leathers cousins. Could not imagine life without cousins and extended family.

  2. You are all so dad gum cute. I saw this picture in action at your reception and had no idea what was going on. Now I do. And I think it's awesome!

    Let me know if you make the shrimp/pasta. It's AMAZING.

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...


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