Wear for Fun

Yesterday evening I was hanging with some good girl friends, eating ice cream, soaking in the sun, you know--the works.  And my friend Jenny brought up the topic of those pieces of clothing/accessories, that make you feel like your life would automatically be more fun if you wore them. Sounds ridiculous right? Guess this hot weather is getting the best of us. But just play along for a second. 

For instance, I saw these shorts the other day and imagined how fun my spring/summer would be in them:

Maybe with a cute stripey top like this?

My sister and I would love to sport these together this summer and be twins. Her in the skirt, me in that dress. Both completely adorbs.

Oh, and these Kate Spade flats...yes please!

And perhaps a few of these Bangles?

Ok, I must control myself now (and none of these things are in my budget). What are the things you dream of playing in this spring/summer? It's fun to play dress up in your mind right!

But just for the record, 

in the end, I'm pretty sure if I've got this cute blonde,

my prescription sun-glasses, and a comfy pair of flip-flops, my summer will be pretty perfecto, bubble gum shorts, 

or none.

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