The Day After.

You know that feeling after you've returned home from an amazing experience abroad? Or even a really fantastic vacation? It's hard to just jump back into life because your experience has changed you and influenced the way you see things and think about things and respond to things. I felt this so intensely when I returned from my summer in Rwanda to start my fourth year at UVa two days later. I knew I had been changed and it was hard to adjust to a culture and a place that had remained so much, the same. And, of course, was so different from where I'd been. 

Today, I feel this too. Does anyone else ever feel like this after we celebrate Easter? Every year it feels a bit strange to go back to school/work the Monday after Easter Sunday and act like everything is the same. 

Because what we celebrate on Easter is so profound, 
so humbling,
so important, 
and so foundational to our entire faith. 

And we can never be grateful enough, worship hard enough, respond lovingly enough--to really express fully what Easter means to us. Because of it, everything is different. We have changed, even if so much around us, hasn't.

Am I alone? Does anyone else experience this? 

Just having a bit of an honest moment here...


  1. Totally. I told my husband I thought that new years day should be Easter instead of January 1st from now on! Good to see you yesterday :)

  2. So glad I'm not the only one! And what a brilliant idea-New Years on Easter. Love it!


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