Hands at work. Hearts at rest.

Every time Adam and I go to Home Depot it goes something like this:

We walk in together, kind of stop in the entry way, look around excitedly deciding where to begin (slash trying to remind ourselves what we are there for), and then slowly loose track of each other as we each wander wide eyed in our own direction. Sometime after this we meet up randomly on some aisle in the store. I have goodies in the cart and Adam has his arms full. Then, we both put on very serious faces and begin to explain to one another why we need each of the items in our arms/cart. I think this is when our most articulate explanations of anything come out--in hope of taking home some Home Depot treasures.

This happened yesterday but the sad thing is, we went with one purpose really: to get pots, soil, and herbs. For our back porch. Basically, we went to get things I want. 

As soon as we walked in I saw this panic in Adam's eyes that was silently screaming something like: "Must find something we need for me. This is Home Depot after all." But he was trying to be sweet and pretend like he didn't mind that this trip was all about herbs, 

and none about tools. 

Slowly we wandered away from one another in pursuit of our goodies and after filling our cart with all of the intended items, I found Adam. Arms full, of course. And the defense began...

Hy husband makes me laugh because he is very, very cute and because he loves Home Depot very, very much. He had every grill tool imaginable in his arms/hands/armpits hoping that I would agree that we needed even just one of them. And we did. And we brought our new purchases home, planted herbs, strung lights, assembled a grill, stained a bench, lit the citronella candles, and cooked/ate dinner on our much-lovlier-now back deck. 

As Adam said in his sweet prayer last night over dinner: We were grateful for a day of Sabbath--when even though our hands were working, our minds and hearts were finding rest. I hope that your Sabbaths were restful too and brought refreshment and energy to the start of another week. I hope your hearts and minds enjoyed the rest that God gives us and desire us to take.


  1. This is precious--I wish I had herb pots on my back porch! I'd settle for one or the other, too, at this point! Love reading your blog :)

    1. Thanks Ariana! Yes, after years of apartment living, it's great to finally have deck to grow things on. I'm starting small. Maybe you could grow them inside too? Somewhere that gets lots of sun?


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