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from time to time, i've shared bits of the "spiritual autobiography" that i had to write third year of college. it's been awhile though.

here i shared q is for questions
here i shared c is for camp
here i shared b is for balloons
here i shared x,y, and z

today i'm going to share my "j" and "n" because they are things that i've been thinking about a lot lately. i'm always wanting to draw closer to God--and for those around me to as well. sometimes it feels like an insatiable desire; to get to know Him better. to understand His word better. to gain guidance and discernment from Him. but, sometimes it's hard. not because He can't relate to us or because He is uninterested in us, but because sometimes it's very hard to approach Him knowing that He is God, and trying to hang on to the fact that He is also personal and loves being in relationship with us.

these two letters illustrate little things about my relationship with God and my moments of seeking, discerning, and spilling my heart. 

"j is for journaling; making memory books of God.  my mother has kept dozens of photo albums of my life, starting from the time i was born.  i love looking back through them because they are reminders to me of the things that have happened in my life and the people who where there.  this is the reason i have always journaled; so i can look back and remember the places i have been with God, the things that He has brought me through, and the fact that He was always there with me.  it reminds me how i got where i am today.  j is for journaling, and creating photo albums of my walk with God."

"n is for nuggets, kind of like chicken but even better.  the Bible to me is more than just encouragement and “feel-good” quotes.  i believe that it is God’s true words and that it has power in its pages.  but one thing i really appreciate about reading it, are the times that God has used it to give me very specific 'nuggets' of wisdom, guidance, or comfort.  He uses it to show me just how intimately He knows my circumstances, and how He wants to speak counsel into my life.  n is for nuggets, and the way they show me God’s intimacy."

do you journal your prayers? or even just your thoughts? in those moments are you ever overwhelmed by the way God can speak to you through His living word? the way He really can give you "nuggets" that speak into your circumstances and offer you comfort, encouragement, discipline, or wisdom? do you ever just be still and listen for Him?

everyone's relationships look different. so it is with people's relationships with God. this is just a little about mine. how about yours?

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  1. Journals are invaluable to me and my time with God. It's a record of our conversations over the years, where He speaks, I process what He says, I put requests before Him and He answers with His Word. There is nothing like snuggling up with my journal, a cup of coffee, and the Bible...sweeter than honey (Psalm 19).


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