all in a load of laundry.

so as my first week of unemployment passes, i've had a lot of time to myself to think. like yesterday, i was doing laundry and and i thought, "i wonder how many different laundry routines people have." 

(what, did you think i was going to be pondering something deeper?)

but really, there must be so many different ways.

i always let the washer fill a bit with water. then add the soap. and then add the clothes. i like the soap to be really well distributed in the water rather than poured on top of the clothes heap. i also have a tendency to leave the last load of clothes in the dryer forever, and forget them. and then there is folding...

how many different ways can you fold a shirt? undies? towels? shorts?

probably infinity ways.

(i miss the way we did laundry in italy. source.)

well, this got me thinking about how utterly different people's minds work. which i was also reminded of sunday as i sat at graduation and listened to the president acknowledge graduates in many different fields for their accomplishments. my mind doesn't work like a chemist or an economist. and their minds probably don't work like mine. and when we think about how to do something, or approach a problem, we probably also have infinity different ways. kind of like laundry?

anyways, this whole mental maze i was wandering through led me to the same place that many of my thought-trains do: in awe of the way God created things. sometimes, i'm just completely puzzled by it, and sometimes i'm overwhelmingly grateful for it. 

and this,

was one of the things i realized i was very grateful for. how refreshing are the differences between you and those in your life? how refreshing is it to hear different perspectives and learn different ways of thinking? how refreshing is it to see people excel at things that you think are so cool...but that you'd never be able to wrap your mind around yourself? how refreshing is it that we are all good at different things and have different personalities?

God was so thoughtful when he designed His creation. so thoughtful when He created diversity. it baffles me why, in many ways, our culture today encourages us to de-diversify ourselves. by trying to be like others. and then being better at it than them. by conforming to what we think people will admire. rather than just running with what we've got. running with who we are--with who God made us to be. 

sometimes it's even masked in trying to be be "different." often we desire to be "different" because we think that other people who are "different" are cool or edgy or (fill in the blank) and we want to be "different" like them. ironic right? am i way off base, or do you agree? 

ok, so all of that in a load of's amazing what being alone all day/unemployed will do to you. but what do you think about all of this? why do you think it happens? how can we resist it?

ps, what is your laundry routine?


  1. i love this post. being who i am and embracing it is something i've only begun to get TRULY comfortable with in the last two years... a large part of that is the growth i've experienced in my relationship with Christ - and another is the encouragement, support, and unconditional love from my husband. there was definitely a time where i tried to be like everyone else - and those days weren't fun - so once i started doing what i felt God wanted me to do or being how God wants me to be - i became SO much happier!!

    ps: i hate doing laundry! :)

    1. thanks for sharing molly! i'm so glad you figured this out at such a young age. i feel like some people struggle their whole lives with it! praise Jesus!

      ps, haha you would have hated my life for the past two days. seven loads.

  2. i put all my clothes in. then start the water then do the detergent. But I think I like your way better. I always wonder, "is that blue detergent going to hurt my clothes?" So the idea of making sure its dissolved in water first is very intriguing!!


    love you!

    1. haha, i always worry that the soap will only get on a few things if i do it that way. i am for equal right to soap for all clothes. love you steph.


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