cakes, which we won't be eating.


i bet you wish those yummy cuppy cakes were for you don't you?

well, actually

they are for my friend emily. can't you tell?

i don't do birthday shout outs too often here. but i do love birthdays. and i really love emily. and so does adam. he's loved her a lot longer than he's loved me, in fact. since they looked about like this:

she really is something special of a sister (in-law). and a friend. and, since we aren't with em on this birthday of hers, i found these cakes that if we were with her we would make for her. we may or may not also help her eat them. too bad no one will actually be eating these cakes. but don't they look great? 

inside out ice cream cake. (source)

but, in reality, she'd probably want this one. with something yummy drizzled over it. 

dearest em,

we love you very much. we are celebrating this past year of your life, even way over here in nc! we are also celebrating this next year of your life. we are grateful for all that we know it has in store for you and bobby. thanks for being the sweetest sister and friend to us both. here's to 25! lots and lots of love.


a and e.

ps, and am i right about the cheesecake? 


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