my friend linnea posted the sweetest story yesterday on her blog. i had to share it with all of you. anyone with kids will especially appreciate it. even without them, it's pretty precious.

(if you know little soren, it's that much sweeter.)

read it here!

have a childlike faith--i have to remind myself of this every day. thanks linnea for the reminder yesterday!


  1. that is an AWESOME story. i kinda hope God has a mustache, too. such a great reminder to have childlike faith.

  2. Aw! I love that you reposted this. I'm glad I have my blog to document moments like this. I hope when my kids are are older they will have a chance to read it and learn what they were like as kids.

    1. yes, i think they will love looking back at your blog when they are older. you've done such a good job of documenting their personalities and memories!

  3. Such a stinkin cute story. I honestly might have teared up a bit at his ginormous faith. I would love to get into that habit!


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